Toyotafest: Raleigh

‘Toyota’fest was drenched in rain as expected, classic Raleigh way, but minimal spectators meant more room to move around and grab photos.
The drive down wasn’t too bad, a bit of drizzle never hurt anyone, but the drive home was ridiculous due to torrential rain and hurricane spec winds. The return trip was done with a friend in his Charade behind the Civic, and we somehow made it home in our light little FWD cars without being blown off the highway.


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QR: Xmas Bash 2015

Made the trip out to Queensland Raceway for their annual Xmas Bash drift day. A day more for drifters, there weren’t too many spectators which left a nice open feel to the venue. I wasn’t too keen on the heat so I only stayed around for an hour or so but it was enough to validate the drive out there!


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