Matsuri 2K14

Matsuri was pretty good this year (seeing as I stayed the whole time this year.. hah).
Was rad catching up with mates and meeting new people. Can’t wait for Double Matsuri next year.
Only took a few photo’s and believe it or not, these are the best.
Night time photo’s really need to be worked on, too much blur and noise.


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Peaking Point

Pretty much the peak of V1.0 cosmetic wise.
Only thing left to do for now is paint the hood black again and paint the mirrors.
V2.0 will start once I have enough money to sort out F+R suspension and acquire a pair of 13x8j’s for the rear (Steel wheels don’t cut it). I have some nice plans for it including paint so there’s hope that one day it won’t look like a satin black ricer.


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All Sound and No Go

Two bored mates plus their cars equal one small terrorised suburb. After being questioned by security ‘what we were doing’ (Eating dinner in an empty carpark), we set off to find a decent place to get photo’s.
Stumbled across this nice shed in the Cleveland Industrial section that had a nice open space and a nice light. Too bad I had limited battery and everything was rushed, so the shots aren’t the best.


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