Midnight Adventure

Took a train to Wynnum North a few nights ago to start my adventure in an unfamiliar environment, which turned out pretty good. Ended up heading away from Wynnum altogether and rode through Port Brisbane. After braving the partly pitch black roads and stretched of sewage stained blacktop, I was faced with the decision, do I go home now, or do I ride up the Gateway Bridge? Pretty happy with my decision, not only did I somehow make it up to the top without passing out, I did it in one go, which is not bad for a person of my fitness level (lol).


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Thought I’d scan a few more pages from this Champ Road magazine I have. I really wish I could read japanese, would help so much right now.


Click the photo for full resolution (3190 x 2267)

Progressional Post

Quick update. Have replaced the rear quarters, relocated the fuel filler back to its original place, bought new front fenders, tidied up the wiring in the engine bay, gotten rid of the surface rust in the bed, and primed + painted over all the primed area’s as a quick rust-preventative measure. Will be stripping to metal and repainting at a later stage. Pretty much ready for a Roadworthy Cert. and Registration, all I need is to chuck a pair of A3A’s I’ve borrowed off a friend with my tires, a pair of fender mirrors from Japan and a quick tune-up.

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